We’ve talked about the different silhouettes and kinds of lace, now let’s talk fabric. Picking out the fabric for your wedding gown is just as, if not more, important than picking the silhouette or lace type. Just like everything else in bridal gowns, each fabric has something unique about it. We are going to walk you through those different fabrics and you decide from there what you’re looking for.

Satin: You have probably heard of this one the most. It’s very structured and gives a lot of support to the bodice. If you’re looking for a traditional look, satin is the way to go. The formal structure and radiant look of the fabric makes for a solid traditional look. However, this fabric is not great if you are getting married in the summer. It’s a little heavier than most and doesn’t allow much “breathing” room.

Taffeta: This is another structured fabric that is similar to satin. Instead of the glossy look of satin, it’s more of a crisp look. This kind of fabric is good for bigger skirts and ballgowns.

Organza: This is the third and final structured fabric of bridal gowns. This one is very versatile and works best as an overlay or combined with other fabrics.

Chiffon: Chiffon is more of an unstructured fabric. This fabric is very soft and flowy making it a perfect option for a destination wedding. The lighter feel of the fabric makes it easy to breath and will keep you cool in warmer weather. These dresses tend to have a simpler look, so if you’re looking for something elegant and simple, chiffon is a good option.

Charmeuse: This fabric also gives a more unstructured look. It is lightweight with a little bit of a satin look. It is shiny and looks very glamorous. This is a beautiful fabric with a very clean look.

Crepe: Crepe gives a very contemporary look. It’s a thinner fabric and pretty lightweight. This material can be a little clingy, so there’s not much hiding in it.

Tulle: You can have soft tulle or regular tulle. The soft gives more of a flowy and lighter feel while the regular tulle is a little bit stiffer. This is another fabric that looks excellent when mixed with other fabrics and even a beaded belt. This is a great option for any kind of wedding whether you’re looking for something for a destination or something more traditional.

Out of all these fabrics, it’s important for you to choose what look you’re going for and pick a fabric that ties into your theme. All the fabrics are beautiful, and there is a perfect one for you.