A Word about Alterations

Alterations are always an extra cost in addition to the price of your gown so you will want to keep that in mind when choosing it. Bridal gowns, bridesmaid gowns, and mother’s gowns are made according to the designer’s standard size chart. Of course not every woman is built the exact same, so sometimes the sides need to be taken in or let out, sometimes the hem needs to be raised. These adjustments to formal wear are far more complicated than say a hem on a pair of pants! Gowns are made of expensive fabrics sometimes with beading, laces etc. The bodices have multiple fabric layers with boning that MUST go back together just so. A seamstress not only needs to know how to sew, but he/she also needs to know about fit, fabric, fabric grain, the list goes on and on. This skill is not easily acquired, it takes years of experience, we know, we’ve seen some horrendous examples of what some consider alterations.

At the Bridal Boutique, we try to carry gowns that are alteration friendly.